Customer Service

Open, track, manage, resolve. Analyze the cases to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. RepCamp provides your technical fleet with a solution for time accountability, item replacement tracking and close it all into digital work orders!

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Manage cases and incidents

Registers any technical, commercial or administrative communication. From an effective response to your clients through information centralized in RepCamp or planning the necessary actions using the activity management tool.

Planning and follow-up of tasks

Repcamp has a complete task management system completely focused on business productivity. Plan, track and manage your activities and those of your commercial, administrative and technical team in a completely centralized manner.

Appointments management

Plan your trips and visits, your technicians and sales distributing the workload and the necessary information to perform the action directly to the devices of your collaborators.

Technical bulletins

318/5000 Close any technical incident outside your office and get the signed acceptance of your clients at the moment. Through the bulletin-making system you will be able to describe the work carried out, the time spent and the materials used in an intervention allowing the verification and signature of the client.


For field service

RepCamp work orders module is designed for people on the move, consultants, advisors, specialized and techniciants. Ultimately, staff that at the end of the day has to report is activity.

Time accountability

The tool facilitates accurate time logs and track time spent on a task. Set variable hourly rates and report your work to your clients in style and detail.

Used items tracking

If needed, specify the quantity of items used to perform the service. Product replacement, reparigin used pieces, etc. .

PDF Work order confirmation

Generate a pdf with accurate time, used items, detailed service and stamp it with a customer signature to acknowledge the performed work.