Agile CRM

RepCamp will help you connect with your customers on a whole new level. Get to know them better. Identify new opportunities. Manage them in order to increase your sales with a simple, yet powerful CRM.

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Customers and Prospects

Complete account file from general to detailed information about past, current and future deals.


Manage account associated contacts and quickly identify deciders to close better and faster dealsbac.

See the whole picture

Centralize all your information, account address, location, risk, trading info, recent sales, backorders, etc.


Keep all relevant annotations in one single place to make sure no sensitive information gets lost

Hisotry & future actions

Keep track of all activities that happened in the past and annotate future tasks and appointments.

Prioritize & Focus

Identify which are your best customers and which need your attention  and persuasive effort to purchase more.

Segmentation & confidentiality

Assign accounts to territories, activities or directly to a specific rep. Ensure that the right people can access the right information.

Spot them all

Find accounts around your position and let your phone drive you to their headquarters.



Work on your prospects, fill out all relevant information to close new deals and perform follow-up tasks.

Opportunities & Quotes

Integrate your ERP quotes with RepCamp oportunities module for easy record-keeping.

Deal stage at a glance

Transition your opportunities through the pipeline and score them by determining a probability of success, to prioritize and focus on closing.

Close deals the fast way

Our pipeline kanban board will stream your work and will help you to close deals faster by quickly visualizing what’s in your plate and whats needs to be done next.

Team Overview

Follow not only your deals but also monitor how your team is performing and predict if your goals will be achieved in advance.


Knowing is half the battle… RepCamp will help you to not only trace a strategy but put it in place.


Know what to do next

There are thousands of to-do apps out there, but what if we tell you that you can link a task to any item in the platform? a customer, a prospect, an oportunity and so on… Yeah! the follow-up becomes as easy as riding a bike.

Follow only what matters

And cut the rest out of your way. RepCamp will help you organize your schedule and focus on your work rather than managing tedious spreadsheets.

Activities history

Every item in RepCamp has its own activity feed so checking out what happen in the past or just the current status requires only a quick look.

Keep your team in the loop

Tasks can transition from to-do to completed and everyone can visualize the progress of tasks.

Share files

Store all relevant documents into the same centralized place so everyone can be more productive and effective in their daily work. Files can be protected with the right access permissions.


Comunicate with your team in context. RepCamp integrates with main calendar and mail providers for better team interaction.

Be notified

Stay up to date on deals, accounts, orders, etc. activities and history by automatic platform emails.


Global search

RepCamp includes a smart and powerful cross-section instant search that will allow you to find almost anything associated to a keyword.

Dashboards & charts

Share and customize multiple dashboards with a complete set of KPIs that will give you a complete overview and help you compare and contrast information.

Mobile, cause you move

Salespeople aren’t always at the office. The mobile app will allow you to work on the field, be more independent and more efficient.

Follow records that matter

Tasks and reminders won't let you forget about anything, if your an organized person, RepCamp will take you to the sales hall of fame.